A targeted campaign for Walmart's hard-to-fill driver positions .


Walmart came to us looking to develop a targeted campaign to fill driving positions in a fast-shrinking candidate pool. How could we talk to driving candidates that would not only drive engagement, but also attract quality candidates that would be a good fit and stay?


We leveraged existing employee experience existing research from the client, but we also took a look from the outside. We wanted to understand what was happening in the market – why are drivers satisfied or dissatisfied in their jobs. This is because in our Driver Messaging, we wanted to align what Walmart is excellent at with what Drivers are looking for. Using one of our partners, we obtained recent research from TruckersReport, which surveyed drivers on their site to understand key values, and discontent, in a drivers career. The drivers report helped us understand on a higher level what would make a driver leave their job, and also what they value and appreciate in a driving job. Drivers on the outside, your candidates, feel undervalued, distrusted and don’t trust their employers in turn.


Building the Campaign

From our research, we learned that while Walmart drivers are the standard truck drivers in many ways, they are also special in that they feel highly valued, and have, respect, and consideration. Their employees are proud to work for Walmart, and feel valued and supported.

Because of this, the Walmart uniform has become an emblem to their associates. An emblem of trust, security and family. An emblem that Walmart cares enough about them to give them the best. And, in the end, it’s really not the uniform but what it represents: when an associate feels valued, they trust that the important things follow: pay, benefits, home-time…

We wanted to show candidates that this is the job for them, that it will fit them and that it look good on them – just like a Walmart uniform. When you give them a uniform, you’re giving them something more…because at Walmart you’re not just wearing a uniform, you’re wearing your value, wearing your dignity, your pride. And…


pride looks good on you.


Using Walmart’s existing employer brand, both the illustration style and the “This is that place” tagline, we developed a specially targeted concept at their driver candidates around the “Walmart looks good on you” concept.

BrandingTori MacMillan