Employer Value Proposition & Brand Development

In the wake of a merger, IHS Markit endeavors to find its employer identity.

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Development of a brand that shows how asking ‘what-if’ can Cause an Effect in the workplace, and the world.

IHS Markit – a dynamic organization delivering impactful, real-world analytics and intelligence for industries and markets all around the world – had recently gone through a merger. After combining the analytic superpowers of IHS and Markit, the company was struggling not only with its identity, but how the merging of two disparate cultures became something new.

By understanding where the existing employee experience overlaps with external perceptions and the company’s long-term vision, we developed a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This new EVP is founded on the incredible sense of empowerment, support, and meaningful work that culminates into the belief that each and every employee at IHS Markit can make a difference.

my role in this project

  • Creative Direction of value prop, brand and asset creation

  • Design of brand

  • Strategy of website and customized job search


showcasing a culture of empowerment and impact through



showcasing amazing and personable colleagues through


Turning real insights into real action

Through in-depth research, surveys, interviews and some good-ol’ elbow grease, we piece-by-piece built an understanding of what the new IHS Markit value proposition looked like, and how to deliver it into the world. Insights were leveraged to re-envision the candidate experience through a responsive career site, that worked to simplify and show the breadth of opportunities in an easy, intuitive fashion. Through photos and videos we gave a face and a voice to the culture and entrepreneurial spirit that truly separates this organization from those around it.


Using flexible headlines and brand
design to activate specific value propositions

to Engage unique audience groups